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Over the years we have developed relationships with great companies and wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some of their products. Click any product link to learn more.


Need Larger Production Parts?

JRIV-CRAPHT-PRO XL provides an option for startup companies needing that extra height for a larger more specialized product line. This solution includes the Raise3D Pro2 Plus 3D printer which basically doubles your part height capabilities (Z Axis) along with the power IronCAD’s IRONCAD™ 3D mechanical design software.


JRIV-SURVIV is a bundled solution exclusively offered by Magnacad, LLC that consists of INOVATE™ design software along with a ZYYX+™ FFF 3D Printer™  in a cohesive integrated package. The goal of JRIV-SURVIV is to provide preppers and survivalists a complete component creation system as a vital tool that needs to be in every survivalists  tool bag.


JRIV-XTENDA is the only solution on the planet to provide a symmetrical design environment that combines the abilities of Multi-modal technologies for dynamic design dexterity.

Nowhere else can you design in a single dynamic environment that possesses the dexterity to use multiple design methods and principles on-demand to deliver uncompromised design data in 2D/3D.

Only JRIV-XTENDA provides designers and engineers the toolset of choice and the abilities they requested to achieve their visions. Simultaneously maintaining the corporate needs of fiscal and productive responsibility.

All this and with the industries shortest learning curve.

NCS Company

EIN Scan by Shining 3D

Shining 3D provides professional solutions covering:

  1. 3D Digitizing
  2. Intelligent Design
  3. Additive Manufacturing

For industries including industrial manufacturing, healthcare & life sciences, product customization, and education.

With origins in corporate CAD Training, CAD management and Automotive Engineering, a Hardware & Software business was a natural fit. Here at go3Dprinting you can acquire all of the individual pieces or a complete turnkey set of CAD Software, 3D Scanner, 3D printer, Materials, Education & Support from one source.

Zortax 3D Printers

Zortrax is a widely-acclaimed manufacturer of professional 3D printers, printing materials, and post-processing devices used by world-leading organizations like Bosch or NASA.
The company has developed a portfolio of unique flexible manufacturing technologies to deliver the best value to its customers.

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