We take pride in our work and our assurances come from years of working with the leading 3D CAD software company in the business.

Genesis Technology Systems has been using IronCAD for 3D drafting for 8 years now. After a few short months of using the program, there was no question, we wanted everyone to have access to this revolutionary technology.

IronCAD Suite

Integrated 3D and 2D Design with rendering capabilities, animation, dual kernel support and so much more in a single scene environment.

IronCAD Mechanical

A Powerful CAD Parts Catalog for Fabricators with library of standard components, a bill of materials, and more helpful utilities.

IronCAD Armor Advantage

Unparalleled support from  certified users who are dedicated to making your IronCAD experience the best you have ever had.

Catalog System

IronCAD’s drag and drop catalog system is your 3D palette for useful CAD data. Whether it’s useful parts, features, tools, materials, animations and more, you can drag and drop them in to save them and out to use them at any time. It’s lightning quick and incredibly customisable.

Skip The Mating Process

Because you can design everything in one file, all your components are already in the right place fitting perfectly. There’s no need to mate components unless you’d like them to have movement, in which case just mate the ones with movement and leave the rest.

Work With DWGs & DXFs

IronCAD has two built-in drafting packages, one for drawing views in paper space and one for more advanced drafting, similar to AutoCAD. You can work natively with DWGs and DXFs and everything links back to 3D, updating instantly so you never have to redraw something again.

About IronCAD

IRONCAD is an intuitive 3D and 2D design solution that empowers engineers, increases productivity, and facilitates collaboration throughout the enterprise.

  • Seamlessly mix feature-based design and direct editing within a part thanks to IRONCAD’s Innovative Design methodology.
  • IRONCAD’s Unified Design Environment lets you create multiple parts in a single file. No more data management.
  • Kickstart the design process with catalogs of predefined shapes that can be easily modified to create working geometry.
  • Import and export all standard CAD file formats so you can leverage legacy data and collaborate across platforms.
  • Enhance productivity with patented tools that let you intuitively resize objects and easily reposition any component.
  • Build catalogs of modular parts that include engineering data so sales can create working designs in the field.

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Learn more about the wonderful product that is IronCAD.

The speed to invent the future, with time left to watch it unfold.

IronCAD enables you to model fast, and we mean really fast. Get ahead of your competitors and get to market faster with tools that skip many of the repetitive steps in traditional 3D CAD. Put simply, get far more return on investment for every minute you spend using CAD software.

Learn in days, not months. Integrate IronCAD Easily into Your Existing Workflows.

IronCAD is made to interact in 3D the way you do in the real world. Our tools are not only powerful but built to be extremely intuitive. Many people can be comfortably using IronCAD in hours or days, not weeks or months like most CAD software. Quickly integrate IronCAD into your existing workflows and start producing results immediately.

Make design changes when you want to. Not when your CAD software decides to let you.

Make design changes in seconds, without worrying about how the model was made or if you’ll break the history-tree. The amount of time and money spent making late design changes is simply crazy, IronCAD changes that. IronCAD lets you model with or without history-dependency, so making a change to your model is as simple as doing it.

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