Revolutionizing Competition

In 2014 Genesis was approached to design a series of new hydraulic banked running tracks for indoor running competitions. The tracks consist of over 60,000 parts each, all strutural steel, and hydraulically controlled to facilitate an incline in the turns.

Easier With IronCAD

Building all this in IronCAD was extremely easy with no concern for having to constrain parts and assemblies. Therefore, minor design changes in the process were a breeze. The completed product and finalized drafts were so detailed and well done, they caught the attention of You can find that article here.

More Projects

Conveyors and Platforms

Some of the most common products we assist with are platforms, conveyors and tanks.

Turf Separation System

At close to 10,000 parts and assemblies, the finished system went together beautifully and worked 100% as expected.