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Genesis Technology Systems has dedicated the last 11 years to quality drafting work to be proud of. See some of our completed projects below.

Banked Running Track

In 2014, while working with Mitchell Machine works on several equipment drafts for the turf industry, we were approached to draft new hydraulic banked running tracks for indoor running competitions. The tracks consisted of over 60,000 parts, all structural steel, and hydraulically controlled to facilitate the incline in the turns. Building all this inside of IronCAD was extremely easy since there was no concern of having to constrain parts and assemblies. Therefore, minor changes during the design process was, well, a breeze. As a matter of fact, the whole process itself and the finished drafts caught the attention of  You can find that article here.

Platforms, Conveyors, Misc.

Some of the more common products we assist our customers with are platforms, conveyors, tanks, etc. Our customers find that the quality and speed with which we are able to turn their projects around always meets or surpasses their expectations. One of my favorite compliments is when a project is complete, is to have our customer say “We were able to assemble this whole project and did not have to drill one single hole, did not have even one part out of place.”

World Trade Center Bollard Covers

While working as a project manager for Shaw Stainless and Alloy, the company was awarded the project to develop and manufacture all of the decorative bollard covers that you see lining the streets all around the New World Trade Center. With over 1600 covers and 120 different designs to accommodate the slope of the sidewalks, the project was completed without a single design or manufacturing error. 

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