Genesis Technology Systems

As a whole, we strive to do our best to help you make your business as efficient as it can be and aid you in any and all design services you need.

We have been in the drafting business for 11 years and feel our experience uniquely qualifies us to assis you in your design endeavours. Take a look below at various projects that we have dedicated our time and service to over the years.

Our Services

IronCAD Software

With so many 3D software solutions on the market today, it can be difficult to decide which one will best suit a company’s needs. With 15 years experience in 3D modeling and having used a variety of different software, experience has taught me that the unique approach IronCAD has to modeling was truly the best option for my design company. It was easier to learn than any other software and I was able to do so much more in much less time. And making a living in a field where more is required in less time, IronCAD gave me that distinct advantage.

Structural Steel Design

No Project Too Big Or Small

Genesis Technology Systems can handle any project that you send our way thanks to the powerful and ingenuitive TriBall. 

IronCAD’s powerful 3D integration is a game changer for the world of structural design and has allowed us to take your design projects to the next level.